Wallowa Mountains, OR

Wallowa Lake, OR

[/caption] One of the best panoramic views of the Wallowa mountains can be found along the northern banks of Wallowa Lake. There are numerous miles of hiking trails that travel deep within the mountains but if you’re short on time or energy you can get some fantastic photos by driving just south of Joseph, OR and then stopping along the lake for some great views. I would recommend spending a few days in this part of Oregon since it’s very hard to get to and the drive from Portland is over 6 hours. However, you will be amazed at the sheer beauty and solitude of the Oregon, cowboy and very western feeling, part of the state. You can expect to see a lot of wildlife such as black bear, deer, elk, bald eagle, hawk and maybe even a wolf. You don’t have to travel to the Rocky mountains to see some of the most amazing and isolated mountains in the country.

2 thoughts on “Wallowa Lake, OR”

  1. Hi Scott.

    While visiting this Wallowa Lake summer (first time!), I ran across a fairly well-known wildlife photographer’s work. He was the featured artist for an art studio downtown. I can’t for the life of me remember his name. Can you help?

  2. Andrew,

    Sorry but I’m not sure of the wildlife photographer. I also met several photographers during my visit but I don’t recall viewing any of the studios in Joseph, OR.

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