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Portland, Oregon

[/caption] Whoever said that it’s cloudy and rainy in Portland, Oregon during the month of January might want to avoid looking at this photo! This photo was taken yesterday on January 17, 2013 and as you can see it could almost pass for a beautiful July day if it weren’t for the dormant and bare trees in the foreground of the photo. The weather calls for more sunny and almost cloudless days and we’re looking at close to 15 days of sunny and cloudless days for the month of January. Therefore, we can all agree that Portland, Oregon has the most sunny days in the Country, right? Not quite! It can get pretty nasty for many days in Oregon but the best thing about the Pacific Northwest is that we get several days like this. Imagine that I could have instead driven 65 miles to the Mt. Hood wilderness and played in the record amount of snow and enjoyed a beautiful sunny day. Or I could have driven 75 miles to the Pacific Ocean and taken some epic sunset shots of a cloudless sky. Just making a point that the Pacific Northwest doesn’t just offer some of the most diverse landscapes on the planet but also offers some of the best weather as well.