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Mt. Hood, Oregon

[/caption] A summer storm creeping ever closer towards the summit of Mt. Hood as I dangle along the edge of the glacier. They say that late summer can be a tricky and somewhat dangerous time to summit tall mountains since there are more chances of electrical storms to develop and I guess I am now a firm believer in that saying. This photo was taken on 8/24 and the day had started out cloudless and very warm but as we crawled our way towards the summit we noticed that a huge cloud was forming in the southern part of the Oregon Cascades. This photo paints a clear picture just how massive and potentially dangerous these storms can grow within just a short amount of time. This photo was taken just above the Hogs Back, as you can see it in the right corner of the photo with its sulfur gasses streaming out of its vent. Mt. Jefferson is to the right and just below the storm cloud and I’m assuming that the storm developed near the Three Sister and Mt. Jefferson. We really lucked out since we were able to descend and get to the Timberline Parking lot before we noticed lighting near the summit. We truly dodged a bullet and I won’t be heading anywhere near the summit during late summer.