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Icelandic Flower in the Pacific Northwest

[/caption] I had never heard of an Icelandic flower until two years ago and I was amazed at how beautiful and awesome they are to photograph. They are so small and low to the ground that you have to really work to get a great shot but if you have a 50mm or a 100mm macro lens you can get in really close and photograph the intricate parts of the flower. I was using my Sigma 50mm macro/prime lens and got within an inch in order to get this photo. I wasn’t using a tripod so I just made sure to remove my CIR-PL and set the ISO to 200. Luckily the sun wasn’t too bright and I was able to find some shade in order to avoid any glare. The flowers only grow about 6 inches or so from the ground and I didn’t see any growing in pairs. I have only been to one place that have these flowers and if you’re interested in finding out where you can find them you can send me a comment or e-mail.