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Dahlia Flower

[/caption] This is a really cool shot of a Dahlia Flower that I got really close to in order to have nothing but the Dahlia’s pedals in the photo. I made sure to focus on the middle pedal with the rest of the flower slowly becoming out of focus as you work your way outside of the focal point. There is only a limited amount of shadow in the shot, which is what I wanted since I was hoping for the entire photo to be completely in bright red. To get this shot I attached my Sigma 50mm Marco/Prime lens and stood about 2 inches away from the flower. I attached my warming filter and UV filter in order to capture the most brilliant colors that I could without having any camera shake or blur. Since I wasn’t using a tripod, I made sure to remove the CIR-PL and kept a steady hand since the ISO was at 100 and the white balance was at 0. It did help that it was about 11:20am and I was facing towards the sun. The shutter speed was at 1/166 second ant the aperture was at F-5. I kept the camera in Program/Normal mode in order to eliminate any blur or camera shake.