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Portland, Oregon

[/caption] Dragon boats tied up along Portland’s marina with downtown Portland looming in the distance. Portland’s Rose Festival is just a few weeks away but there is plenty of traffic along the Willamette river as dragon boats racers gear up for the June 8th races. I was lucky to find a dozen of the boats moored along Portland’s marina without anyone inside them. I just walked around and looked for the best shot as they calmly swayed in the slow moving current. It also helped to have a sunny sky with absolutely no clouds or glare to hinder my photo opportunity.

Portland, Oregon Rose Festival

[/caption] Beautiful day along the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon, watching the Coast Guard arrive as the Portland fire boat gives a salute. This photo was taken from the 2011 Portland Rose Festival. They were still setting up for the Festival and the Navy ships weren’t due until later in the day. However, I was more interested in photographing the Coast Guard ships since I spent four years in the Coast Guard and enjoy photographing the boats enter the city. The Rose Festival offers some great photos since you have several opportunities to include the dozens of ships and boats that tie up along the downtown waterfront.