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Looks a lot like a Rose

[/caption] One day it’s snowing in the Willamette Valley of Oregon and the next day its sunny and warm. It’s hard to believe that it’s already Spring but even harder to believe that we just received over 3 feet of snow in the Cascades the last few days. I guess this is why I love the Pacific Northwest so much. I just returned from a long walk with my dog, basking in the glorious sun and smelling the flowers in the air and now I’m getting my gear ready to go on a snow-shoe adventure. If the weather holds, I may even make a trip to the coast and try to get some sunset shots. The Pacific Northwest is known for its wildflowers and known even more for the many flower festivals and public gardens that sprawl all over the Northwest. This photo was taken at the Portland International Rose test garden last June and there are literally thousands of roses to photograph. I always take my Sigma 50mm prime/macro lens with me when I’m photographing flowers. Since I don’t use a tripod while taking macro shots I make sure to always remove the CIR-PL so the photos won’t turn out blurry or have any camera shake. However, I do make sure and attach my warming filter and UV filter. I can usually set the ISO at 100 and then just adjust the white balance to get the right amount of exposure. I rely on the histogram and always try to position myself in order to take advantage of the sun light.

Beautiful Rose

[/caption] Water droplets bead around a beautiful rose at the Portland International Rose Garden. This photo was actually taken after I sprayed the rose with my water bottle. I normally take a photo before spraying it in case it looks better dry rather than wet. However, I normally keep the photos of the roses once they’ve been sprayed since it creates a really awesome look. I wasn’t using a tripod when I took this photo so I made sure to keep a steady hand and ensured that I didn’t have my CIR-PL attached since that would have created too much shadow and guaranteed a blurry shot. I did make sure to attach my warming filter in order to create a more colorful photo. I was using my Sigma 50mm macro/prime lens and I set the camera mode to Program/Mode. The aperture was automatically set at F-5.6 and the shutter speed at 1/197 second. I set the ISO at 100 and the white balance at -0.7 in order to keep the photo from becoming too overexposed since I didn’t have my CIR-PL attached. I moved the camera about 2 inches from touching the rose so I made sure to keep a steady hand and also tried to position myself in the best light in order to avoid too much glare. This is especially true since it was about 11:45am and the sun was very bright.