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Columbia River Gorge, OR


Tanner Creek offers so many photographic opportunities all year long and Spring is no exception. During the Spring you are able to capture the neon greens and fast moving water that floods through the waterfalls and creeks that make up the Columbia River Gorge. You always want to remember to bring your ND filters as well as your tripod whenever visiting the Gorge. This is especially true if you expect to leave your shutter open in order to create a blur effect from the fast moving water. I took this shot on 5/18/10 at about 2:10pm. It was a sunny afternoon so I decided that it would be more effective if I stood along the bank of the river so I could hide beneath the trees in order to block most of the harsh sunlight. I wanted to get a blur effect but I didn’t want it to be overexposed. I attached my ND8 filter along with my warming filter to my Canon 18-55mm lens. I placed my tripod along the creek and made sure that it was steady in order to avoid any movement caused by the swift moving creek. I also attached my bubble level and remote switch. I wanted to frame the creek with as much vegetation in order to create personality. I added as much field of view so most of the vegetation was in focus without losing focus on the creek it self. The warming filter also helped bring out the colors from the vegetation in the water. This shot really shows just how intimate and scenic the Gorge really is. I set the focal length at 35mm and had the camera mode in Shutter priority. The aperture was at F-29 since I was using my ND8. I set the shutter speed to 3.29 seconds, the ISO to 100 and the white balance to -1.7. Spring also brings out dozens of different species of wildflowers and really allows the lush vegetation to flourish.