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Beautiful Rose

[/caption] Water droplets bead around a beautiful rose at the Portland International Rose Garden. This photo was actually taken after I sprayed the rose with my water bottle. I normally take a photo before spraying it in case it looks better dry rather than wet. However, I normally keep the photos of the roses once they’ve been sprayed since it creates a really awesome look. I wasn’t using a tripod when I took this photo so I made sure to keep a steady hand and ensured that I didn’t have my CIR-PL attached since that would have created too much shadow and guaranteed a blurry shot. I did make sure to attach my warming filter in order to create a more colorful photo. I was using my Sigma 50mm macro/prime lens and I set the camera mode to Program/Mode. The aperture was automatically set at F-5.6 and the shutter speed at 1/197 second. I set the ISO at 100 and the white balance at -0.7 in order to keep the photo from becoming too overexposed since I didn’t have my CIR-PL attached. I moved the camera about 2 inches from touching the rose so I made sure to keep a steady hand and also tried to position myself in the best light in order to avoid too much glare. This is especially true since it was about 11:45am and the sun was very bright.