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Seattle, Washington

[/caption] Last summer I spent three days photographing Seattle from the most popular spots around the city. On my last day I decided to try and find a viewing spot that wasn’t as popular among photographers but provided a great view of the city. After driving all throughout the north and north eastern parts of the city I decided to look for some neighborhood parks that might offer some descent views. After scanning a map of the city I ended up driving through parts of north eastern Seattle. I first drove through Old Ballard and then ended up in Loyal Heights where I found a small park that had a great but somewhat obscured view of downtown. I’m not totally sure of the park but I’m pretty sure it was either Loyal Heights playfield or Salmon Bay Park. You can see the hills of Queen Anne in the left part of the photo with the Space Needle rising up. I wasn’t happy with the light but I didn’t have any other opportunity to return so I took a bunch of photos hoping that some would come out. It was during the middle of the day, on a overcast July afternoon, and I had to try and saturate the sky since the clouds were pretty thick.