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Frozen trees on Mt. Tumalo, OR

[/caption] Mt. Tumalo is a great place to snow-shoe or hike since it offers a great view from the summit. The trail can get very dusty during the summer months and the mountains are much less spectacular since the high sun and lack of snow on the mountains can make your photo opportunities limited. However, it’s still a great hike and the views are breathtaking. The winter months can offer something much more beautiful and rewarding with the entire area covered in the white stuff for as far as you can see. However, it’s best to pick a day that the weatherman says will be sunny with lots of blue skies since an overcast sky can eliminate the view. Another great thing about winter is that you can make any trail for yourself as you snow-shoe towards the summit. There are no designated hiking trails when your on snow-shoes or x-country skis. You just pick a line and go for it. This particular photo was taken while I was snow-shoeing towards the summit during a blizzard. The temperature were so cold and the wind was so bad that the trees near the summit were completely frozen and crystallized. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a view from the summit and the wind made it difficult to take any photos. I was forced to find cover around the trees in order to take some shots of the frozen vegetation. On a sunny day you can see the entire Oregon Cascades from Mt. Bachelor in the south and Mt. Hood in the north. This photo was taken without a tripod and I set the ISO at 80 since the glare from the snow made the aperture at F-4.