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Punchbowl Falls, OR

[/caption] Punchbowl Falls may be one of the most photographed waterfalls in Oregon but when you have a view like this it’s not hard to see why. Whenever I find myself hiking to Punchbowl Falls I know that if the weather is right I can spend hours there as well as take hundreds of photos within a 25 foot area. I normally wade out into the frigid waters and position myself in the most precarious ways in order to get the most dynamic photo possible as well as get a photo that hasn’t already been duplicated 500 times. Late Spring or early Summer is the best time to visit since the vegetation isn’t in full bloom until later and the water level is at it’s highest when it’s warming up in the mountains. You also want to make sure that you visit on a cloudy and rainy day in order to eliminate any glare from the water. I normally try to set my shutter priority between 4-6 seconds in order to get the flowing movement of the waterfall without getting too much movement of the vegetation. This photo was taken on 6/29/11 and it was about 11:30am. I was fortunate to be here when it was completely overcast and it started to rain as I waded out in the creek with my tripod in hand. The water was about 39 degrees so I lost all feeling in my feet and legs since I spent about 30 minutes shooting the waterfall. I set the shutter speed at 4 seconds and had the ISO at 100 and the white balance at -1.7. The aperture was at F-10 since I had attached my ND4, warming filter and CIR-PL. I wanted to get more of the rocks laying on the bottom of the creek so I lowered my tripod and tilted my camera towards the ground at about a 60 degree angle. This allowed me to get a great shot of the small rocks without losing my field of view of the background. I set the focal length at 23mm, which was just enough to ensure the view of the waterfall and vegetation were in focus but parts of the foreground were somewhat distorted and out of focus. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t leave anything out in this photo.