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Portland, OR

[/caption] One of the most interesting and impressive buildings doesn’t include any of Portland’s high rise buildings. This is a photo of a very old building with a mural that gives the illusion that you’re looking at a flat apartment wall. However, you can see the windows in the middle that show that it really bows in where the windows are but you can never tell without really studying it. The rest of the windows shown are just a facade. I never get tired of admiring the artwork on this historical building. I have seen several photos from other photographers but I’ve never really been impressed. Either they are taken from a bad angle or they include other buildings or vegetation in their shot. I believe the best way to photograph this building is by standing directly in front of it. However, I do have to admit that I could have included more in the left part of the photo in order to include more of the people. To get this shot I stood about 50 feet from the wall and crouched down so I could angle my camera so I could include as much in the frame without having any distraction in the photo. It’s surprisingly difficult to do this since the building is much taller than it is wide. The building also has a tight angle on one side and a very large tree on the other side. I was using my Canon EOS T1i along with my Canon 18-55mm lens. The FL was at 37mm. I had the camera in Program/Normal mode so the aperture was at F5.6 and the shutter speed was at 1/64 second. Since I took this photo in February the light was low but the glare was pretty intense and it was early in the afternoon. Therefore, I set the ISO to 100 and the white balance to -1. I also attached my warming filter and my CIR-PL in order to bring out the colors of the building and filter out some of the afternoon glare.