Fall colors in Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

[/caption] The many parks surrounding downtown Portland allows hundreds of tress the opportunity to show their colors during Fall. This is a way for the foliage to pay back the city for allowing so much green space within its borders. This photo was taken on 11/2/12, which is obviously the peak time to capture the foliage in Portland turning on their wicked colors. However, normally the trees start to hit their peak during the month of October but I’m sure that the lack of rain over the previous 82 days and the above normal temperatures had something to do with it. On this day it was pretty overcast and the sun was pretty much hidden behind a large band of clouds. However, the sky in the foothills of the mountains were somewhat sunny and overexposed which caused this photo to be somewhat challenging. You can see how overexposed and bright the sky is in the background and how dark the buildings are. I ended up keeping the ISO at 100 and kept the white balance at 0 and attached my CIR-PL and warming filter in order to ensure the correct amount of light. The camera was in Program mode so the aperture was at F-5.6 and the shutter speed was at 1/60 second due to the low light and filters. Fall is my favorite time to photograph Portland and this picture shows just why.

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