A unique view of Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

[/caption] A very unique and rare view of Portland, Oregon. I took this photo from just below the hospital in the west hills of downtown. There are several viewing spots along the winding stretch of road that leads to the hospital but most of the views are obscured by the trees that line the hills. You pretty much have to choose a line and then try to take a more unique photo, which is what I did for this shot. This photo includes the east part of Portland with parts of the Hawthorne bridge and the Willamette river in the lower part of the foreground. The buildings make up the east industrial part of the city with the foothills of the Cascades in the distance. There are hundreds of photo opportunities that you can only find in this part of the city but you have to get pretty creative since you don’t have any opportunities to take any panoramic photos due to the thick vegetation that pretty much requires you to think outside of the box but offers some great rewards once you find a great opportunity.

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