Portland waterfront

Portland, OR

[/caption] As the rain continues to hammer the Pacific Northwest I find it almost impossible to have the opportunity to take any note worthy photographs. I decided to post one of my photos that I took last November when the city was under siege from all the fall colors that enveloped the city. During fall, when the sky’s are clear and the temperatures are cold and brisk, the city comes alive with all of the wonders of autumn. This is especially true when you put the Willamette river in the foreground of your picture. Anytime you add water to a fall picture when the sky’s are clear, you can really express the beauty of autumn. the colors become more vibrant and the overall quality of the picture is enhanced. I took this photo while biking along the Willamette river on 11/3/10. I was using my Canon Rebel EOS T1i along with my 12-24mm wide angle lens. I attached my UV, warming and CIR-PL filter in order to bring out the blueness of the sky and the colors of the vegetation and man made objects. The camera was set on Normal/Program mode so the aperture was at F7. I had the focal length at 14mm so I could include as much of a panoramic view as possible. However, since I had the filters on the lens and the lens hood attached, I couldn’t use the 12mm setting. This is the only problem with using a lens hood and filters. Since I took this photo at 1:10pm and I was facing north west, the glare was fairly intense. I was able to set the ISO to 100 but I had to set the white balance at -0.7. I didn’t use a tripod when I took this photo. This photo really shows just how beautiful Portland can be during autumn. A combination of the water, marina, boats, buildings, blue sky’s and the vegetation really enhance the overall scene.

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