Portland, Oregon

Portland, OR

[/caption] One of the last remaining sunny days in Portland just before the rains started! However, the snow had already started pounding the Cascade mountains and Mt. Adams is living proof of that. Just a few days earlier, the mountains were suffering through some pretty hard times but the early snow in the mountains brought some needed relief for the mountains as well as my photography. I took this photo last week, which was the last official sunny day in the Pacific Northwest and I decided to visit the SW part of Portland in order to include some of the mountains. However, Mt. Hood was shrouded in clouds and Mt. St. Helen’s had only a dusting of snow near its summit. I was very impressed with the changing of the vegetation and felt pretty lucky to catch this on digital film since I was able to keep nearly a hundred photos from different angles and positions. I decided to post this shot since it includes Mt. Adams as well as a somewhat panoramic view of the city. The clouds were also pretty cool with a mixture of cold weather clouds and contrails from nearby Portland International airport.

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