Painted Hills National Monument

Painted Hills, OR

[/caption] I have a previous photo that I posted right after I took this picture last July in 2010. I wrote quite a bit about its history, geology and location. If interested, you can look up that photo and read more detail. This photo was one of my last shots of the day. We were starting to leave the park when I decided to get a few more shots before making the very long journey back home. I walked as far as I could but then had to settle at the edge of a barb wire fence. As I was taking several zoomed in shots of the hills I noticed that these crazy looking clouds were moving right across and over the hills. I quickly changed out my telephoto lens and attached my 12-24mm wide angle lens. I set the focal length to 24mm so I could zoom in as much as possible. I was using my Canon EOS T1i and I was using my warming and CIR-PL filter. This photo is another great example of why you should have these two filters. The warming filter brings out the mauve colors of the hills and the CIR-PL tames the bright sky and the glaring white clouds. This photo would have looked a lot different If I wasn’t using both of these lenses. The camera mode was at Program/Normal mode so the aperture was at F9 and 1/160 second. I set the ISO to 100 and the white balance at -0.7 due to the harsh light. The sun was behind the hills but since it was late June and the time was 2:40pm, you can imagine how intense the glare can be in Central Oregon during peak summer.

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