Warm sunshine at Cannon Beach, OR

October sunshine on the Oregon Coast

[/caption] There is nothing better than going to the Oregon Coast in October and finding that it’s 75 degrees and the sand and water are almost tropic like. I was able to wade out to my knees in order to take some photos of the Pacific Ocean while the tide was receding from the beach. You don’t see too many Oregonians wearing swim trunks and bikinis at the beach in October but this was no ordinary day. You could also see several swimmers body surfing with nothing more that their swimsuit. This was truly an epic day to be a sunbather but most importantly a photographer. The sand was perfectly smooth and there was hardly any sea weed or shells to get in the way of my photographs. Normally I set up my tripod to ensure that I don’t have any camera shake but this afternoon I found that it would be more exciting to get near the surf and try to capture the personality of the moving tide. To get this shot, I was using my 12-24mm wide-angle lens and I made sure to attach my UV, warming and CIR-PL filter. I made sure to have my lens hood attached in order to avoid any sun glare due to the intensity of the sun bouncing off of the water and the sand. I had the focal length at 17mm and the F stop was at F-7. The ISO was at 100 and the white balance was at -0.3. The sunset was scheduled at 6:50pm and this photo was taken at 4:07pm. This caused a lot of sun glare so I had to be sure to constantly adjust the white balance and the ISO. Since I was mostly shooting due south, I was able to use the intensity of the sun glare to my advantage. Early Fall seems to offer some of the best sunsets and driest weather along the Oregon Coast. However, you really have to watch the weather forecast and expect it to change at a moments notice.

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