Mt. Jefferson Wilderness, OR

Mt. Jefferson, OR

[/caption] If you’re planning on hiking to Jefferson Park anytime soon, during the month of June or early July, I would plan on expecting to come across heavy amounts of snow at about the 2 mile mark. You may even want to bring snow shoes if you actually expect to make it to the park. I was fortunate enough to bring along my snow shoe poles and my ice & snow traction cleats and ended up using them much earlier that I had anticipated. I started to encounter snow along the trail at about the 1 mile mark but didn’t have any trouble staying on the main trail as the snow was pretty light. However, the trail was completely covered and obscured at about the 1 1/2 mile mark. I finally decided to head up along a ridge and I was lucky enough to come across a massive basalt cliff that gave me a birds eye view of the mountain. I’m pretty sure this spot is not accessible when the snow is gone since the underbrush is probably pretty heavy and hard to navigate. If I was really adventurous and somewhat crazy I probably could have continued towards the park but since my supplies were limited I decided not to chance it. I also had my hyperactive 2 year old cattle dog with me and I was pretty sure he would somehow get himself into trouble if I continued any further in the snow covered and unmarked wilderness. Since it was still pretty early in the afternoon I decided to drive to the Pamelia Lake trail head and make the 4.4 mile loop to the lake. However, I was disappointed in the photo opportunities since the mountain isn’t viewable anywhere along the trail that goes along the lake. Apparently you need to hike part way up Grizzly Peak in order to get a view but unfortunately the trail was also covered in snow and not accessible. However, the trail is nice and the amount of creeks, brooks and rivers thundering down the wilderness was very impressive.

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