Fremont Bridge and the city of Portland

Fremont Bridge in Portland, OR

[/caption] The Fremont bridge was the longest arch bridge of its type in the world until a bigger arch bridge was opened in China in 2004. However, it’s still the second longest bridge of its type in the world. The bridge is 381 feet above the water level and its main span length is 1,255 feet. It was opened in 1973 and is a Steel Three-span half-through tied arch with orthotropic steel upper deck and Steel box girder approach spans. The view while crossing the bridge offers the best views of the city when looking south. Unfortunately, no pedestrians or bicycles are allowed on the bridge since there aren’t any sidewalks. The bridge has two decks with south bound and north bound travelers separated by each of the decks. Peregrine Falcon nests are located on different parts of the bridge.

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