Trailing water down the falls

Fairy Falls, OR

Fairy Falls provides you with the best opportunity to gaze and watch the water spill and travel over, around and down the falls. Since the trail passes directly next to the waterfall, there are several places that you can set up your tripod and zoom directly into the falls. To get this shot I was using my Sigma 17-70mm lens and made sure to attach my ND8, CIR-PL and my warming filter. I had the camera in Shutter Priority with the aperture at F-11. I set the focal length at 50mm in order to zoom in as close as possible but making sure that I kept a large field of view in order to avoid any distortion around the edges of the photo. I also wanted to add some of the mossy rocks and parts of the logs in the photo in order to add some detail and depth. I set the shutter speed to 4 seconds so I could capture as much movement of the water as possible but without overexposing caused by the glare from the water. I set the ISO to 100 and the white balance at -1. The best time to photograph Fairy Falls is when the water level is at its highest which ensures plenty of water thundering over the falls. The First few days of May is normally the best time.

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