The Gorge

Columbia River Gorge

[/caption] An early evening view looking across the Columbia River Gorge as an impending storm looms over the Gorge. I was standing near the Vista House parking lot when I noticed that the storm clouds had inundated the Gorge but were allowing some sunlight over parts of the hills. The vegetation was extremely lush since the photo was taken on 5/8/10 and the Spring weather was unseasonably wet and mild during this time of the year. I was more interested in getting the storm clouds in the shot rather than the Gorge but I wanted to include some of the landscape in order to show just how impressive the clouds were. I was using my Tokina 12-24mm wide angle lens along with my Canon EOS T1i camera. I wasn’t able to open the lens to 12mm since the guard rails at the parking lot would have been in the frame so I ended up increasing the focal length to 24mm. It was about 6:20pm when this shot was taken so the light along the River was low but the light in the clouds were overexposed due to the intensity of the sun directly behind me. The photo is looking directly east as the sun is lowering almost directly behind me. Because the storm was moving in from the east there weren’t as many clouds behind me which caused some overexposure in the clouds. However, I was forced to set the ISO to 200 and the white balance to +1.3 in order to prevent the hills from coming out too grainy and underexposed. The camera mode was set at Program/Normal mode so the aperture was set at F-6.4 and the exposure time at 1/80 second. I was also using my CIR-PL and my warming filter in order to calm down some of the glare that was created by the overexposed clouds as well as from the glare from the river far below. The warming filter helped create a great contrast between the clouds and the green vegetation.

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