Wind swept snow on a frozen lake

Blowing snow on a frozen lake

[/caption] While snow-shoeing along two small frozen lakes near Mt. Hood, Oregon I noticed that the wind had blown some of the light champagne snow along the frozen lake. The scene looked a lot like what frozen ocean swells might look like if they were frozen in their tracks. I took several photos, including close-ups as well as panoramic shots. I liked this panoramic shot since it looks as though the frozen swells goes on forever. I was using my Tokina 12-24mm wide angle lens and set the focal length at 14mm. I also set the ISO to 400 in order to increase the field of view as well as ensure that I avoided any distortion or blur since I wanted to make sure that the entire photo was in focus. I pretty much just leaned down a bit and found the best scene to take the picture. I had the camera mode in Program/Normal mode so the aperture was automatically set at F-14 which was perfect and the exposure time at 1/400 second. The photo was taken at 3:05pm and the sun was directly in front of me but since I was using my warming filter and CIR-PL I was still able to have the ISO at 400 and the white balance at +0.3. Since the light was pretty intense I didn’t need to use my tripod.

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