Portland, Oregon

Here is another photo of the city skyline of Portland, Oregon. It’s very similar to my most previous post but I included this photo to show the contrast between looking due east and north east. This photo was taken while shooting north east. The best part about this view is that you can see almost all of the downtown building but unfortunately you aren’t able to see any of the snow capped mountains. Mt. Hood is just to the right of the KOIN tower and Mt. Adams is just to the left of Big Pink. Mt. St. Helen’s and Mt. Rainier are pretty far out of the picture. This photo and the last are pretty common sights during the last few days of November or early parts of December. The days are mostly sunny with little to no clouds but the temperatures can become bitter cold with an even colder wind chill. You can see that there isn’t any snow along the foothills of the Cascades and there is still some vegetation on the trees. Cold and sunny early winter days offer some of the best days to photograph the city but unfortunately the lack of green vegetation can really hamper it’s effect. To get this shot I was using my Canon T1i and attached my Canon 28-135mm lens. I had the camera mode in Normal so the shutter speed was at 1/128 second. I opened the zoom at 28mm and had the ISO at 100. I also had the aperture at F-7.1 and reduced the white balance to -0.3 due to the bright sunlight. I also attached my CIR-PL and warming filter to adjust for the sunlight and take advantage of the warm light.